Customised service package.

“Our different service packages can be flexibly combined to form a customised complete package that suits our customers’ conditions.”


Our key account managers are the central contact who mediate between supplier and customer. They are responsible for ensuring a good business relationship with turnover and profit responsibility.
We are fully focussed on meeting and understanding our customers’ needs.

• Chain building
• Knowledge of the market
• Developing sales
• Total management of customer visits
• Reporting & follow-up
• Shared overheads


We move big things in a short time. Together with our German partner company, we carry out various assignments in the industrial sector. With our customised service packages, we support our customers from the start of the project to the commissioning of the production unit on an international level.

As a competent partner, we coordinate planning, transport, installation and service using the right staff, with the necessary qualifications, at the right time.
Sectors: Automotive industry, mechanical engineering, wood and metal industry, photovoltaics, food industry


Service modules
• Industrial assembly, new installation
• Plant assembly, commissioning
• Audit, decommissioning, demolition, maintenance work
• Monitoring, control, electrical engineering
• Communication technology


E-commerce has become a very important part of the retail sector.
Big players have their own logistics solutions, but for small or medium-sized companies, our dropshipment service is a smart solution to offset major cost factors.

As a central partner, we take care of complete logistics and warehouse management to cater for the increased demand for fast deliveries. We handle returns and complaints as well as technical support for product issues.
With our dropshipment solutions, we give our customers the opportunity to act on several different e-commerce platforms at the same time. Our warehouse is located in Ängelholm.



With our merchandising services we offer practical support for the retail industry. Our merchandisers are an active part of developing in-store product presentations with the aim of maximising sales.

These business processes are time-consuming and require specialised expertise. Therefore, it has become increasingly common to outsource the tasks and hire trained service personnel.

We make sure the shelves are organised, highlight your products to attract and motivate your customers and provide in-store support. This frees up resources and allows store staff to focus on the core competences of the business.


Merchandising services
• Ordering & price labelling
• Assortment change
• Picking
• Rack service
• Product placement
• Signage and display of promotions

Varuplock i en butik


When it is time for the physical placement of products in the store, it is often necessary to remodel or rebuild the display units in place. These temporary projects are realised by our refurbishment teams.

We carry out complete new installations, reconstructions of existing in-store POS units throughout Europe and have extensive experience in various types of construction projects, from simple relocation to advanced new construction and conceptualisation.


OMB features
• Planning
• Management
• Construction
• Redeployment
• Monitoring

“Unconventional thinking, creativity and motivation to always find the best solution combined with cost-conscious behaviour make us a reliable partner.